Wednesday, March 25, 2009

University of Arizona College team Ties for First in the College Chess League

The University of Arizona tied for first in the Chess Park College Chess League played over a span of a couple of months. The five teams that participated were all strong including two teams that made it in the Final Four of the Pan American Championships (UTB and Stanford). The five teams involved in the league are University of Arizona, University of Texas at Brownsville, Stanford, University of Miami and New York. The league was a round robin where every team plays every other team. First place was shared between Stanford, UTB and the University of Arizona who all scored 2.5/4 match points. The University of Arizona team consisted of Arizona juniors including FM Warren Harper, NM Leo Martinez, and Experts Ben Marmont, Jon Cox, and Amanda Mateer. The match results and games can be seen at Stay tuned for annoted games from some of our players !

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EJ said...

Way to go Cats! Good job team!