Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 6 Preview of SF Match by Robby Adamson

Arizona squares off against what is probably going to be the the Scorpions toughest match so far. San Francisco is loaded and has underrated players on every board.

Board 1 - IM Rogelio Barcenilla (2560) - IM Vinay Bhat (2481)

Rogelio finally gets to play white, after facing 2 strong GMs (Ehlvest and Stripunsky) with black. This time he will face off against GM-elect Vinay Bhat. If Rogelio can pull out a win, the Scorpions have a great chance.

Board 2 - IM David Pruess (2479) - Mark Ginsburg (2410)

Youth vs. veteran IM. Expect fireworks here, as David is especially proficient in tactical positions and is not afraid to mix it up. Mark will do his 70's version of defend!

Board 3 - FM Danny Rensch (2411)- FM Sam Shankland (2364)

Again, a battle of two players who love to mix it up. Expect a decisive result for someone in this game.

Board 4 - FM Daniel Naroditsky (2321) - NM Leo Martinez (2209)

Finally, Manager Leo Martinez takes a break from his manager duties and squares off against ultra-stud young Daniel Naroditsky in an appealing fourth board match-up. Daniel continues to get better and better with every tournament (He is almost 200 points higher rated than the rating being used for this year). The key to victory for Arizona however is that Leo is at least a foot taller than Daniel - that has to count for something. In all seriousness, Leo is anxious to bounce back from his first so-so effort in Week 3 against Queens.

Scorpion nation, please rise!

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