Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Predictions for Tomorrow's Match

There have been four predictions on the Arizona Scorpions-Dallas Destiny match tomorrow so far.

You can see Arun Sharma's prediction at:

You can see Bioniclime's prediction at:

You can see Ron Young's prediction at:

You can see Ed Scimia's prediction at:

All the predictions are fairly supportive of the Scorpions with all four of the predictors having Arizona winning 2.5-1.5. Unfortunately, this does not mean anything and the ups and downs of a match in this league are highly unpredictable as can be seen from the first match. However, we will know for sure tomorrow at 6:00 PM AZ Time! Make sure to tune in! Also make sure to check the blog after the match for pictures, video and analysis of games from the match!

By the way make sure to vote on the poll to the right. The person with the most votes I will try to to get to wear a suit the next time they are playing!


Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Is ICC the only way to follow the match tomorrow ? I am up at the telescope so I won't be able to go support you guys (unless it gets cloudy but forecast seems good). Maybe its time that I invest on ICC to play against strong player...

Patrick Dufour

LMartinez said...

Hey Patrick,

Yah unfortunately ICC is the only way to view the games live on the internet at the moment. You can see the games on the blog probably either later that night or the next day. In the future we might have the games live on the blog for people that don't have ICC but for now that is not available. Anyways thanks for the support! Send us good vibes tomorrow!


Chris said...

ICC is the official match viewer service but Boston has a duplicate relay of all their games to provide a wonderful service to it's dedicated fans. is the live display and no membership is required. AZ is providing some wonderful commentary, photos and blogs and so are they willing to go that extra mile??? :)

Jonathan Shacter said...

We will see if the Boston team is willing to share their secrets in order for AZ to provide such fabulous features.