Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Pictures! See Also Post Below !

This post and the one below are the many pictures taken at the playing site of the Arizona Scorpions first match. In this post the pictures are taken by James Martin displaying the obvious intensity of the players during the match. James really captured Lev's concentration during the game.

In the post below are pictures taken by Amanda Mateer that really showed how our team connected and showed the fun parts, including winning and the celebration afterward, of the match.

Both of them did a great job and took some amazing pictures. They both also contrasted in types of photos which was perfect as well. Big thank you again goes out to James Martin and Amanda Mateer !

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Tom Panelas said...

The angst is visible on the player's faces. At least we made you guys sweat a bit. :o)

Nice pix.

Tom Panelas
for the Blaze