Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2008 Season Schedule Announced!

The 2008 schedule for the league has just been announced and all the teams Arizona will face.

WEEK 1: Monday, August 25th Arizona Scorpions vs Chicago Blaze 9:30 PM ET

WEEK 2: Wednesday, September 3rd Dallas Destiny vs Arizona Scorpions 9:30 PM ET
(One or two matches from this week may be moved to Tuesday)

WEEK 3: Wednesday, September 10th Queens Pioneers vs Arizona Scorpions 9:00 PM ET

WEEK 4: Wednesday September 17th Tennessee Tempo vs Arizona Scorpions 9:15 PM ET

WEEK 5: Wednesday September 24th Arizona Scorpions vs Carolina Cobras 9:00 PM ET

WEEK 6: Monday, September 29th Arizona Scorpions vs San Francisco Mechanics 9:15 PM ET

WEEK 7: Wednesday, October 8th Arizona Scorpions vs Miami Sharks 9:00 PM ET

WEEK 8: Wednesday, October 15th Seattle Sluggers vs Arizona Scorpions 9:30 PM ET

WEEK 9: Wednesday, October 22nd Chicago Blaze vs Arizona Scorpions 9:30 PM ET

WEEK 10: Wednesday, October 29th Arizona Scorpions vs Seattle Sluggers 9:00 PM ET


Anonymous said...

What is the final roster for the Scorpions?

LMartinez said...

The final roster has not been completely made and there are a couple of spots that we have not announced as of now. But as of now our roster is: IM Rogelio Barcenilla, IM Levon Altounian, IM Mark Ginsburg, FM Danny Rensch, FM Robby Adamson, FM Ken Larsen, and NM Leo Martinez.