Sunday, January 20, 2008

An Arizona Team in the US Chess League -- the Arizona Scorpions!

Hello all !

As has been announced recently on Arizona has joined the US Chess League and will be playing under the name Arizona Scorpions next season! This is a great chance to join an upcoming league and compete against some of the best players in the nation.

The teams in the league have 8 players with 2 alternate players(who can play only one or two games) during the season. During one match only 4 players can play at a time and their average rating must be 2400 or below. This makes the players chosen for the team important as a team needs to be well rounded and not simply the top players.

The Manager of our team will be Leo Martinez, while the only Assistant Manager at the moment is Robby Adamson. What makes our team unique is that Tucson and Phoenix are included in the team and the team will be playing in both cities throughout the season. Since we have strong players scattered throughout the state this makes our team stronger and easier to coordinate.

So far we have committments from IM Levon Altounian, IM Mark Ginsburg, FM Danny Rensch, FM Robby Adamson, FM Ken Larsen, and NM Leo Martinez. We have many others interested and will be announcing other committments throughout this blog.

If anyone has any questions about the league or the team please reply to this blog.


Robby said...

As the assistant manager for the Arizona Scorpions, I am very happy to be part of one of the best innovations to chess in the United States in a long time. Arizona promises to compete very hard in the league. Thanks to all the people from Arizona who have congratulated us for landing a team in the US Chess League.

Robby Adamson

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the League and the Western Division.

-T. Andrews, Manager of the Tempo

Anonymous said...

how could a player interested in being an alternate for the team tryout? I have drawn both D. Rensch and P. Garrett in tournament play. I believe Robby Adamson would remember my name as well ;)

Colin Stapczynski

ps i would definitely be interested in helping out the team in one way or another, regardless of whether i be selected as an alternate

Enrique said...

Looking forward to a great season. I'm very excited about this team!

- E

Midnight said...

how could a player interested in being an alternate for the team tryout? I beat both Danny Rensch and Pieta Garrett in tournament play. Hey dude its Roland and Robin. If you need like sum playerz to lower the team rating just email me. I'm still like 2050 and Robin is 1975 or so. Good Luck Leo and da Team.